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"MHSEA - Recognizing Minnesota's High School Equestrians Since 2001!"   

MHSEA is a 501(3)(c) non-profit corporation.  Its officers, members and Board of Directors shall not discriminate on the basis of race,
sex, creed, age, sexual orientation or physical handicap, in any manner, with respect to this program.
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The MHSEA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation administered by the Minnesota Horse Council and whose mission is to promote equestrian disciplines as a high school team sport with an emphasis on education, citizenship and recognition of equestrian athletes. The MHSEA does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, creed, age, sexual orientation or physical handicap, in any manner, with respect to this program. The MHSEA is an independent provider and does not provide training or riding lessons.  The MSHEA is not sponsored by, administered by or sanctioned by a specific school, or school district or the MN State High School League. For more detailed information, please go to or email


Membership. MHSEA registration is open to youth in grades 8 - 11 in April of each year. MHSEA member registration occurs on-line ( and requires a parent or guardian to complete the on-line registration and pay an annual membership fee. MHSEA members will also need to complete any school registration paperwork and pay any school related registration fees (if any are required by their school). The MHSEA tracks school related requirements and will make that information available on the MHSEA website. Members and their parents are expected to know, understand and comply with all requirements or restrictions applicable to their participation.


Once registered with the MHSEA, members become part of the MHSEA Equestrian Team!  All members will be eligible for MHSEA recognition at the end of the season. Those members who attend a school that has approved and recognizes the MHSEA Program will be eligible for Varsity or, in some cases JV, recognition from their school. The MHSEA website lists the schools that have approved the MHSEA Program in the past and updates that list as new schools are added.  Please note that the offering of school recognition for a high school equestrian’s accomplishment is determined annually based on receipt of program approval from the school.


Riding Criteria and Qualifications. The MHSEA has established JV-level and Varsity-level riding criteria for the following disciplines: Dressage, Equitation/Horsemanship & Pleasure–NON-WSCA, Equitation/Horsemanship & Pleasure–WSCA ONLY, Eventing, Hunter/Jumper, Reining, and Western Games. A full description of what is included in each of those disciplines, is on the MHSEA website.  Criteria are based upon increasing competitive levels with the Varsity-level being considered an “advanced level of competition in front of a public audience”. The MHSEA uses these criteria to determine a member’s competitive riding level and eligibility for school recognition. The MHSEA has defined qualifying horse shows, competitions and events for each discipline, all of which are specifically described in the MHSEA Program Handbook that is available on the MSHEA website. Each member is responsible for determining his or her own training and competition program, level and frequency.  


Year-End Paperwork & Recognitions. At the end of the MHSEA Competition Season, each member submits (i) MHSEA Year End Worksheet (along with verification of their results, and in some cases, a MHSEA Competition Tracking Log – all of which are available on the MSHEA website) and (ii) school related registration materials and payments (if applicable). The MHSEA will review the paperwork to determine whether the member met the JV or Varsity-level riding criteria. MHSEA members will receive a MHSEA certificate recognizing their level of competition and/or participation. In addition, members who achieved a Varsity level of riding will receive a MHSEA equestrian patch that can be worn on letter jackets, sweatshirts, bags, etc.  The MHSEA will post the names of the Varsity and JV level riders on the MHSEA website. The MHSEA will communicate the names of qualifying Varsity and JV level members to the schools and will provide members with instructions for picking up their school recognitions.


Community Service & Citizenship. The MHSEA is proud to be a certifying organization of the Presidential Volunteer Service Award since 2003. Members are encouraged to register for the PVSA program and the MHSEA will review, certify each member’s hours and obtain and distribute the awards.  Full details for this program are available on the MHSEA website.